Virtual Specialist

Every product or solution you release has the potential to boost your business. But it often takes too long for your sales teams to understand the true positioning, value propositions, and competitive differentiators, and therefore effectively engage with customers, crushing your momentum and minimizing your opportunity for success.

Virtual Specialist is a customer-facing solution that has made it simple and cost effective to ensure each sales cycle is conducted effectively and properly from the start! The Virtual Specialist provides immediate impact for launching new products and services. Best of all, it trains your sales force while they are selling in the field.

Virtual Specialist is focused on driving business by ensuring that a company’s positioning and offerings are articulated in a consistent manner across the marketplace. It is like sending your very best sales and product specialists, or ACES, out on every sales call. At the click of a button, you will have a virtual sales force tool intelligent enough to:

  • Scale your best sales resources
  • Speak your customer’s language
  • Clearly communicate value
  • Turn calls into leads and leads into sales

As a web-based solution or leave behind, Virtual Specialist ensures prospects receive a consistently knowledgeable and effectively delivered value proposition every time. Its interactive content also lets customers focus on issues of relevance to them and then learn how the product resolves their specific business needs.

Virtual Specialist is an ideal solution when early and highly effective execution across the entire market is critical to the overall success of the initiative. It is designed for complex products or services that typically require extensive knowledge and sales focus. Virtual Specialist can be used as an unassisted web-based (standalone) sales tool, or used by salespeople to assist them in face-to-face meetings with prospects. Even better, Virtual Specialist can be enhanced or updated as product or service offerings evolve.


  • Brings products to market faster and more effectively
  • Builds a bigger pipeline without increasing Marketing or Sales resources
  • Helps your sales people sell outside their comfort zones
  • Clearly communicates value propositions to the customer
  • Provides added value by training your sales force while educating your customers

Market research has shown that when a sales force or partner organization isn’t properly trained or prepared for selling a new product or solution they shy away from it and go back to their comfort zone! And, more importantly, with every delay in delivering your product messaging a percentage of recognized revenue is lost - and the loss rate can become exponential. We consistently hear the sad story from customers that the majority of their revenues come from just a few legacy products. Virtual Specialist can fill that gap directly with your customer.


The Virtual Specialist utilizes state-of-the-art video, animation, and gaming technology to communicate your key messages while interactively answering specific questions or concerns from your potential customer. By using intelligent branching, the Virtual Specialist focuses in on the business needs of a particular potential customer, handles their initial objections, and reports the results back to you for follow up and lead generation. Not since the inception of the sales force itself has there been a more precise resource for reaching a wide market of potential customers.

Virtual Specialist utilizes cutting-edge technology to present your product in a clear, concise and consistent manner. It supports your sales initiatives immediately by using the expertise of your best specialists. For the first time, you can be assured that product or solution messages, value propositions, and possible customer objections are handled with the highest level of professionalism. The Virtual Specialist provides a solution-oriented sales approach, enabling your customers to discover the true value of your offerings specific to their individual needs. Virtual Specialist is a personalized marketing and sales tool that ensures the greatest impact with potential customers and provides maximum Return on Investment.


  • Scales and leverages your most expensive and limited selling resources. 
  • Trained and skilled specialists available 24/7.
  • Consistent messaging of the highest quality. 
  • Customer engaging - removes the emotional and political caveats of interpersonal interactions.
  • Qualified lead generator