The SimMastery Solution

SimMastery is a revolutionary video branching, content-rich experiential learning solution. By utilizing customized, interactive environments, SimMastery enables direct and partner sales organizations to engage simulated customers in realistic situations. The SimMastery experiential learning environment allows sales teams to rapidly develop best practices sales methodologies, master complex cross-organizational solution selling challenges, and build new skills – all without the risk of losing business. It helps sellers gain understanding of your solution, the best practices that make up a successful sale, and the interactive process to interface with the customer.

SimMastery can be delivered through Distance Learning
utilizes the best of Web technology, offering all the benefits of instructor-led training with the efficiencies of e-learning, but available to any PC or tablet.

SimMastery can also be used in Blended Learning
combines Web-delivered course information and individual prep work, in-class experiential simulations, and instructor-led team workshops.

Implemented in phases, companies choose the deployment method right for them. Each method utilizes leading-edge technology to yield real-time results and can be leveraged into continuous learning programs that further improve sales force behavior.

What is the process that my team will learn with SimMastery?

provides the perfect medium for customer-facing personnel to properly learn about a potential customer. Deployed via the Web, SimMastery teaches sales reps to identify and understand customers' specific needs while decreasing preparation time to increase availability in the field… where business is truly won. Participants discover the simulated customer's compelling business issues. Sales reps learn how to best develop a solution that effectively articulates your company's business value in light of competitive challenges. They also gain first-hand experience in finding decision makers and interviewing key executives by practicing different approaches within SimMastery.

teaches your reps how to close larger business deals more efficiently. Delivered either via classroom (blended learning) or the Web (distance learning), participants improve their sales skills through first-hand interaction with a range of simulated customer situations. This allows sales management to develop and implement new strategies without risk, while assessing the ability of their sales force to learn new skills and modify behavior.

is focused on continuous and workplace learning, which are critical elements in successful behavior change. Through repetition and continual practice, participants master the skills required to retain more business and stay ahead of the competition. Solutions such as the Rapid Scale ACE platform provide new challenges from the simulated customer, provoking participants to quickly react to market changes via reviewing up-to-date online information, tracking competitive shifts, and learning new strategies on demand.